Covid Safety

We are committed to keeping our residents, guests, and staff safe. Please review our current Covid Safety Procedures below to ensure your safety and enjoyment while visiting Menno House. 

For your safety:  

  • Menno House runs HEPA air filters in ground floor common areas at all times.
  • We air out, clean, and disinfect surfaces in rooms after every use. and regularly clean common spaces.
  • We keep hand sanitizer at each entrance and disinfectant spray available in bathroom and sink areas

What we ask:

  • All guests who will be staying in the house must provide proof of vaccination. This helps to keep everyone safe. You’ll find this is consistent with the Key to NYC guidelines that many NYC indoor spaces follow.

    Proof of vaccination is needed to reserve your room. For proof of vaccination, you can use:
    • CDC Vaccination Card. A photo or scanned image of this card is acceptable at the time of booking. 
    • NYC Vaccination Record or other official immunization record from within or outside the U.S., including from your healthcare provider. 
  • Properly worn masks (covering mouth and nose) are required when guests move through common areas of the house.

    Guests are offered use of the first floor bathroom, as well as a shared mini-fridge and cabinet to store food. You are welcome to use the backyard garden. You will not be granted use of the kitchen and should limit time in common spaces to moving through them. Guests are not permitted on the upstairs resident floors of the house.

  • Guests are not to eat in shared indoor areas. You are welcome to enjoy your food on the tables in the backyard garden, on the front stoop area, in your room, or outside of the house. Many NYC restaurants provide outdoor seating.
  • Guests cannot host additional visitors in the house.


Feel free to reach out to the manager with additional questions at