Job Opening

Menno House is looking for it’s next manager. 

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Job Description

Menno House Manager

Rev. 4/2022

Overall Responsibility 

Menno House is a Christian ministry of hospitality sponsored by Manhattan Mennonite Fellowship (MMF).

The Menno House manager (or simply ‘Manager’) is expected to value and respect Christian beliefs and values as held by the Mennonite Church, to guide the House according to a sense of mission related to these beliefs and values, and to be a participant in MMF. The manager is a partner with MMF, through the Board of Directors (Board) in creating a welcoming, cooperative, community-oriented environment in Menno House. Mutual respect and openness are the basis for all of these relationships, as well as those with the Menno House residents. 

It is the manager’s responsibility to: 

  1. Live in Menno House in order to provide a managerial presence.
  2. Report regularly to the Board of Directors.
  3. Manage Menno House finances within guidelines set by the Board
  4. Oversee building maintenance as per the more detailed descriptions below.
  5. Oversee residents as per below.
  6. Coordinate the use of Menno House space by residents, guests, and members of MMF.
  7. Serve as a liaison between Menno House and MMF. 
  8. Create and implement initiatives to help Menno House fulfill its goals as found in the Menno House Statement of Purpose. In particular, uphold MMF’s desire to make Menno House its ministry of hospitality to both long- and short-term residents and guests. 

(Note: In this document, the singular “manager” is used, although the position can be filled by a couple or an individual.)

Specific areas of responsibility 

Board of Directors 

  • Meet monthly with the Board. Present Manager’s report covering recent applications for residency, finances, resident activities, maintenance concerns, and other House business. 
  • Work with the Board Chair in preparing the agenda for the monthly Board meetings. 
  • Write and distribute minutes of each meeting. Ideally, minutes should be distributed within one week following each meeting. 
  • Seek advice and support from the Board and Board members in dealing with in-house conflicts or other major issues. 
  • In consultation with the Board, update information in the handbooks for residents, guests, and Manager. 
  • At the request of the Board, add or remove signers from the bank account. 


  • Maintain a calendar of space use at Menno House. 
  • Negotiate use of the office and computer with the MMF pastor. 
  • Announce church functions to Menno House residents and guests. The Pastor and/or an affiliated committee are responsible for organizing potlucks, and for communicating this schedule with the Manager. Generally, MMF potlucks are understood to occur approximately 1x month. The Manager and Pastor should maintain communication about the feasibility and details of this schedule.
  • Communicate use of the church office to all parties who use the office.
  • Attend congregational meetings and create the Board’s report to the congregation.
  • Coordinate the contribution of Menno House news to the MMF bulletin announcements. The news item can be written by residents, Manager, or Board members.
  • Make the monthly payment to MMF. (This payment covers the Manager’s salary, less any MMF-specific expenses (currently, this includes a monthly Quickbooks expense, Officers’ Insurance, and occasional shared office expenses). The purpose of this monthly transfer is so that the Manager is not responsible for writing his/her salary check directly. The MMF treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the Manager’s monthly salary payment is paid to the Manager and/or deposited in the Manager’s account.)


  1. Applicants
  2. Answer phone, mail and email about residency. Mail or e-mail application packets with cover letter, Statement of Purpose, Statement of Policy, and application(s) to interested parties.
  3. Give house tours to prospective applicants.
  4. Receive applications by mail and e-mail; collect and record application fees.
  5. Notify applicants of Board decisions by mail, e-mail or phone. Invite accepted applicants by phone and email and send a Resident Handbook.
  6. Receive residency commitments from accepted applicants
  1. Entering residents 
  1. Make sure the assigned room is empty, clean, and in good repair. 
  2. Secure a signed lease agreement, a completed resident information form, the first month’s rent and a room deposit (equal to one month’s rent). Note: Menno House generally does not require church volunteers/service workers, or their sponsoring agencies, to pay a room deposit.
  3. Give entering residents a tour of the House and introduce them to the other residents. Set appropriate expectations about the nature of collective living at Menno House.
  4. Review with the entering resident the Menno House Statement of Policy as well as the relationship of Menno House to MMF.
  5. Train the entering resident on the tasks that should be performed when cleaning the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and other rotating house jobs. 
  6. Issue keys and assign a mailbox, a refrigerator space, a kitchen cupboard.
  7. Give new residents basic information about the immediate neighborhood and NYC (if necessary).
  • Continuing residents 
  1. Cultivate good relationships with and among residents, and between residents, guests and members of MMF. 
  2. Bill residents (or, where appropriate, their sponsoring organizations) for rent. 
  3. Receive and record bill payments from residents. 
  4. Sign for packages addressed to current residents (if required).
  5. Oversee kitchen, living room, and bathroom cleaning, as well as paid cleaning jobs. 
  6. Oversee any room rearrangements that occur when a resident moves out.
  7. Facilitate a resident meeting every month. Type minutes and distribute to residents, particularly to those who were absent. Minutes should contain a list of residents who were present.  
  8. Conduct annual review of fire safety. (Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, evacuation plan, etc.)
  9. Coordinate having a House representative for the monthly Board meeting if required.
  10. Maintain emergency contact information. 
  11. Assist with medical emergencies, as qualified. 
  12. Respond to threats on personal safety.
  1. Departing residents 
  1. Make sure the vacated room, mailbox, cupboard, and refrigerator spaces are empty, clean and in good repair. 
  2. Collect keys.
  3. Get a supply of forwarding stickers, and forward subsequent mail to that address for a limited period of time. 
  4. Return the room deposit, less any money owed to Menno House, including any expenses acquired in making the room ready for a new resident. 


  • Manage outgoing phone message regarding availability of rooms, and monitor email requests for rooms in addition to taking reservations by phone. 
  • During regular office hours, Monday-Friday, respond to inquiries made by email and mail. 
  • Maintain a calendar of guest reservations including contact information, arrival times and payments. 
  • Receive and deposit reservation payments from future guests. 
  • Prepare vacant guest rooms by changing bed sheets, providing towels and washcloths, emptying trash, vacuuming carpet, emptying drawers, and cleaning furniture. 
  • Greet guests, orient them to Menno House and the city, and present them with keys. 
  • Collect any additional payment from arriving guests (if necessary).
  • Wash, dry, and sort guest linens. 
  • Dispose of items in guest fridge, cupboard, and guest bath as necessary.
  • Assist with medical emergencies, as qualified. 
  • Respond to threats on personal safety.

Physical plant 

In general, coordinate and oversee maintenance and upkeep of building, and serve as main point of contact for contractors, house repairs, city guidelines, etc.

  1. 1. General cleaning
  1. Periodically check roof and gutter for debris.
  2. Clean drain at the front of the house to prevent basement flooding. 
  3. Clean and maintain basement as needed.
  4. Oversee front-of-house duties performed by residents. Specifically, ensure that trash, leaves, and snow are cleaned from the front of the house, 18 inches into the street.
  5. Oversee first-floor cleaning duties performed by residents, including recycling as required by DSNY and Menno House’s current composting program.
  6. Oversee paid cleaning tasks, specifically weekly corridor cleaning and daily guest bathroom cleaning.
  7. Sweep and reorganize the garden and shed as needed. (If performed by a resident, Manager will provide oversight.)
  8. Take accumulated thrift store items to a thrift store. (If performed by a resident, Manager will provide oversight.)
  1. General maintenance
  1. Respond to fire, plumbing, and other household emergencies.
  2. Maintain a complete set of keys. 
  3. Be aware of significant maintenance needs—exterior and interior painting; roof, wall and floor repair; cement patching and waterproofing, etc.—and consult the Board to have them repaired.
  4. In consultation with the Board, repair or replace broken appliances.
  5. Purchase or supervise the purchase of household supplies and equipment, including food, soaps, garbage bags, and paper products. Consult the Board for large purchases. 
  6. Drain the low water cut-off device on the boiler (weekly).
  7. Make sure radiators are in working order, especially those in guest rooms. 
  8. Keep at least three replacement sprinkler heads hanging from a loop of string among the tangle of sprinkler pipes in the basement, and a wrench nearby to install the heads.
  9. With the help of residents, install air conditioners in the guest bedrooms every spring and remove them in the fall. Follow the same procedure for resident rooms which have air conditioners.
  10. Maintain plants in the garden, front of house, and indoors as necessary. 
  11. Maintain pest control methods.
  12. Answer the front doors.
  13. Keep a light on by the front doors. 
  14. Maintain the bulletin board and white boards. 
  15. Review the website and update its content. 
  1. Resident-related cleaning and maintenance
  1. Receive and distribute mail. Sign for packages addressed to current residents.
  2. Oversee kitchen and bathroom cleaning as well as paid cleaning jobs.
  3. Prepare and participate in a rotating schedule for kitchen, bathroom, and front-of-house chores. 
  4. Organize a spring and fall cleaning day. 
  5. Make sure the room, mailbox, cupboard and refrigerator spaces of departing residents are empty, clean, and in good repair. 
  6. Collect keys from departing residents.
  1. Guest-related cleaning and maintenance
  1. Deep clean and/or oversee deep clean of guest rooms as necessary. Flip mattresses.
  2. Defrost and clean refrigerator as needed.
  1. Outside services
  1. Engage an exterminator when required.
  2. Admit the electric meter reader every month. 
  3. Schedule the annual fire extinguisher inspection. 
  4. Expect a fire department inspection every two years, and display the permit.
  5. Oversee the automatically scheduled boiler inspection (currently conducted by CitiSpec) and the submission of paperwork to the NYC Department of Buildings.
  6. File the triennial boiler registration with the Department of Environmental Protection. (Note: This is different than the annual boiler inspection above.)
  7. Submit paperwork and pay the NYC Department of Housing and Preservation for property registration (annually).
  8. Submit annual Real Property Income and Expense statements to the NYC Department of Finance.


  • Receive, pay, record, and file bills for House utilities, property taxes, insurance, mortgage, newspaper subscriptions, etc.
  • In consultation with the Board, arrange and pay for liability and property insurance, noting that periodic payments are preferable to annual payments if that option is available. Submit proof of insurance to any lien-holders (e.g., Eastern Mennonite Missions) annually.
  • Reconcile house financial records with monthly bank statements by the 15th of the month.
  • Invoice residents for rent by the first of the month (or, where appropriate, their sponsoring organizations) and promptly enter data in QuickBooks.
  • Receive and record payments from continuing residents.
  • At least monthly make and record bank deposits of money collected from residents, guests and other sources.
  • Collect the first month’s rent and a room deposit from incoming residents.
  • Return the room deposits to departing residents, less any money owed to Menno House.
  • Receive and record application fees from prospective residents. 
  • Collect final payments from departing guests, as needed.
  • Maintain a petty cash account for small purchases.
  • Keep a record of the checking and petty cash accounts
  • Include finances in the monthly Manager’s report to the Board.
  • Save and maintain all bills and receipts from the last five years, and canceled checks, deposit receipts, and bank statements for the last ten years.
  • At the request of the Board, add or remove signers from the bank account.
  • Work with the Board to prepare an annual budget.
  • Coordinate and assist with annual and/or periodic fundraisers.


  • Maintain an updated list of former residents, including the dates of their residency and current contact information.
  • Save and organize photographs, letters, and other mementos of house life.
  • Keep a weekly log of work projects and major house events and maintain records of physical plant and policy changes for purposes of ongoing institutional knowledge.


  • Stipend of $27,500 annually
  • Use of one large resident room in Menno House, located in the Gramercy neighborhood of Manhattan
  • Four weeks paid vacation per year
  • Health insurance
  • Reimbursement for cell phone plan
  • Menno House covers for the manager and all residents: internet, laundry facilities, electricity, heat/hot water, common room TV, and some kitchen staples

To apply, email resume and cover letter to